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Air Duct Repair

Air Duct Repair Bradenton

Out of sight, the condition of your home air ducts shouldn’t be out of mind. Air duct repair and air duct replacement can improve indoor air quality, regulate room temperatures and help save you money. Air duct repair is a great way to ensure your air ducts are properly sealed and can help your air conditioner or heat pump operate more efficiently, helping reduce your monthly electric bill. Although you may not think about your air ducts often, they can impact your energy consumption and indoor air quality.

With an air duct repair the ducts are sealed and sometimes insulated to eliminate air leaks. This means you are no longer loosing valuable cooling or heating, which often reduces monthly electric bills and saves you money. Sometimes air ducts are too old and deteriorated and need to be replaced with new air ducts. At R & R Heating & Cooling Inc. we specialize in air duct repair and replacement.

Air Duct Repair Replacement

With over 50% of your energy costs consumed by cooling your home, having your air ducts examined is an important measure to take in order to spend less on energy. Replacing or repairing leaky air ducts can save you anywhere from 20% to 40% on cooling costs.

Inspect Ducts for Leaks

Air Duct Repair Replacement

In order to conduct a thorough inspection of all ducts, hire a contractor or remove all insulation surrounding your ducts yourself. If any duct leaks are found, they should be sealed with mastic or metal tape (not duct tape). Some flexible ducts may be leak-free and simply need a little straightening to be more energy-efficient.

If you’re having problems locating a duct leak, blow smoke through the duct or pipe and watch for any smoke escaping. Seeing an entire duct is not always possible, so use a mirror to help you get a better look at any possible leaky ducts. If you find multiple duct leaks it may require a complete replacement of your duct work. Moreover, following any duct examination, new insulation and a new air filter should be installed.

Save Money

Save 20-40% on Cooling Costs

With 50% of your energy costs devoted to cooling, examining ducts is an important measure to take in order to spend less on energy. Replacing or repairing leaky ducts can save you anywhere from 20% to 40% on home cooling costs.

Thinking long term, upgrading or repairing duct work makes good sense, as it will save you money each month and make your dwelling more energy-friendly.

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