Dehumidistats are the perfect way to get humidity control in Florida when you are not here. Dehumidistats are devices typically installed in Florida homes where the home is unoccupied during the summer months or for a period of time. Dehumidistats are installed for economic reasons and reduce the operating time of your air conditioning system, which saves you money on your electric bill.

A dehumidistat turns your air conditioning system on to remove humidity in the home. It can be 90 degrees in the home, but unless there is high humidity, the air conditioning system does not need to run, therefore saving you money on your electric bill.

When leaving for extended periods during the summer months, set your vacation dehumidistat and thermostat as follows:

When the home is occupied, the dial should be set to ON to prevent the dehumidistat from interrupting the air conditioning operation. We have found these settings to be best to reduce the chance of mold/mildew growth and still provide adequate utility savings. If you have any questions about dehumidistats or need to have one installed, please give us a call.

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